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Andéor, SAS

CaniVIZ 3D Light

by Andéor, SAS

CaniVIZ Light is a collaborative 3D viewer designed for non-specialist users and able to handle large files 3D containing several million polygons on general public platforms.

It can be used for mechanic, architecture, engineering or the communication. This Light version opens the files 3D Studio, STL, WaveFront and ASCII cloud. CaniVIZ Light also saves the 3D files in our VIZ format, one of most compact of the market or in DXF or PovRay.

It works on MacOS, Windows and Linux, as well as in the Web browsers and it can be integrated into third party applications using its SDK.

CaniVIZ proposes the functionalities needed to review 3D projects, like rotation, translation and zoom, easy point of view selection and fly mode.

The property tree of CaniVIZ Light displays the structure of the 3D files where the component can be hidden or displayed one by one. The light position as its properties are easily modifiable, as well as the base and the background, in order to obtain nice renderings. Dynamic shadow is displayed onto the base.The Anaglyph mode displays the scene in relief at lower costs, with Red-Green or Red-Blue glasses.

In addition, CaniVIZ Light allows to measure objects in the scene, to cut the scene with an interactive cut plan, to change the object display (solid, wireframe, lines, colors, transparency, etc). The 3D renderer displays the scene with the "true transparency".

For demonstrations, the Showroom mode lets CaniVIZ working alone by displaying the 3D scene in various point of views.

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