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Comptency Assessment System (CAS)

by Nihilent

CAS is a user-friendly application which helps the management of any organization to define roles, arrive at competencies for each role, and then assess an individual vis-à-vis the required proficiency level. The competency assessment process is quick, scientific and focused towards delivering strategic business objectives. Competencies provide a clear set of dimensions against which performance can be measured so that human resources can be linked to tangible business outcomes.


- Create an Integrated Performance Management System
- Allocate right individuals to roles
- Balance expertise within business units, divisions and groups
- Identify learning priorities and learning paths for individuals and bridge the gaps


- Upload details of any number of employees in a few seconds with a staging database
- Can be integrated to any information system
- Information in clear and concise format
- User-friendly application which can be customized
- Unlike other products that are based on “one size fits all” approach - CAS can be a utility application to all Management Information Systems

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