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e-REP - Medical Representative Tool (Marketing and Better Physician Experience)

by Tech Mahindra

Satyam and Microsoft have jointly developed e-REP, a mobile solution for tablet PCs with Microsoft technologies to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies. The solution enables sales representatives to deliver effective and personalized presentations on
the basis of real-time feedback. The data includes the duration of the presentation, topics discussed, customer survey responses, electronic signatures, notes, and annotation. Using e-REP, representatives can help physicians make well-informed decisions regarding
the treatment options for patients. Marketing teams can develop strategies and fine-tune existing messages in a timely and efficient fashion. The solution can be extended to Call Planner information from CRM systems. The data gathered during an interaction
can be transmitted back to CRM for summary analysis, data mining, and aggregation. Benefits:

- Get physicians to view presentations and gather relevant information for decision making

- Replace paper forms and signatures for drug samples to doctors

- The marketing team can review, retrieve, and analyze data

- Solution can be easily customized

- Demo for prospective customers

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