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InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd.

eCommerce App for Windows 8

by InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd.

Windows 8 App for eCommerce Merchants using Magento as their eCommerce Platform. -

The app for Windows 8™ brings millions of electronic gadgets online on your fingertips – anytime, anywhere in the world! An innovative and reinventing free app that will make your buying experience exceptionally great.
Now get an instant update of all latest deals with the app for Windows 8™.


•The app for Windows 8™ gives customers a fast and easy way to shop wide range of electronic products
•Receive time to time update about the latest deals and offers
•Enables you to read customer reviews anywhere, anytime and also browse any of the product's images
•Track the status of a recently-placed order right from your Windows 8™ device

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