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FinCraft Core - a Core Banking solution

by Nelito Systems Limited

FinCraft is a complete retail banking solution encompassing all the required functionalities of the banks in India and abroad. FinCraft comprises of several solutions titled FinCraft Core (core banking solution), FinCraft TBA (branch automation solution), MFin
(Micro Finance product), FinDart (Data Archival and Retrieval Solution), FinView (KIOSK solution), FinMobile (SMS Banking), FinChequePoint (Cheque Truncation Solution), FinOzone (MIS consolidation), and so on. Features related to FinCraft banking solutions:
- Customer centric, customer can open ‘n’ number of accounts - Instructions/rules by default can be changed at Product level, customer, and at account level - View customer history and single click, this will help to introduce higher quality service to esteemed
customers and for personalized marketing campaigns of the Bank. - Set up multiple charges for a single account that may be linked to fixed amount, number of transactions in an account, minimum Balance violation charges, and so on - Functional features include
Current accounts, Cash Credit accounts, Term deposits, EMI based loans, Agricultural loans, Clearing, Remittances, Bank Guarantees, Security Stock Maintenance, Cash Management, Locker management, and so on - User-friendly and drill down mechanism to facilitate
functioning of HR and Pay Roll, share accounting, fixed assets accounting, securities, chart of accounts, track all accounts and so on - Customer alerts, mail and SMS alerts - Provision is available to scan physical records of the customers accounts for viewing
at any time

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