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HyperSoft Technologies Limited

Hyper-KYC : On-line Know Your Client information collection and review solution

by HyperSoft Technologies Limited

The software is a Digital Record Management System for KYC information, whereby each client form information is single point data entered in to the online software and saved along with the required scanned documents. Alternately the entire lots of client forms, with the agreements, are scanned along with their valid proofs, these are then indexed and archived. Various users can access the documents that they require to view from their PC.

The physical agreements once scanned are stored safely in a remote warehouses and the damage on them due to frequent handling and re-handling is avoided. If the law permits the archiving of these documents with valid authentication in digital format, the physical documents may no longer need to be stored.

The images of application forms and agreements of the existing customer, if available in image format would be migrated into the database. The migration of the existing images will be done by Hyper-KYC and archived in a single database.

Most Financial Institutions have a huge back log of client forms that it requires to scan, index and archive in the server. Apart for the back-log there are a lot of forms that are generated on a daily basis these forms are also to be scanned, indexed & archived in the server. The system can archive the application forms. The application forms are filled by the customer, where the customer provide their details like Name, Address, Pan Card No., Bank details etc along with the supporting documents. The most essential part of this form is the client agreement. The application form, client agreement and the supporting documents form a part on document the Fin Instt needs to scan and archived as a single document. These documents are submitted at the local office. The local office verifies the information with the supporting documents attached by the customer and approved the application. The agreement is then sent to the Head Office where the agreements are re-validated with the supporting documents. Once the application form and the agreement is approved a customer ID is assigned to that particular client. The documents will be stored/archived in the server once the client ID has been issued to the client.

Software System Capabilities Consolidate enormous volumes of diffused documents and data in unified, centralized, fully searchable repositories securely accessible over the Internet, Intranet, LAN from any location at any time.

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