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incadea.myengine is the next generation of incadea's Dealer Management Solution (DMS), incadea.engine. It is a complete and flexible software solution for automotive dealers and importers, allowing to increase business agility, enhance customer experience, and improve operations, while minimizing costs, risk and complexity.
incadea.myengine was designed and released initially based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 platform and now updated to the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 version. Based on a proven international solution, incadea.myengine is an enhanced next generation solution, offering even more benefits and value to customers addressing key industry requirements for less complexity, increased collaboration, improved productivity.

Key Solution Enhancements at a glance:
-Based on newest Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technology
-A strong make independent and international DMS to be connected with OEM applications
-Offers role tailored and flexible workplaces
-Pushes information to the user instead of requiring time consuming search
-Flexible and adaptable to the actual situation and needs
-Integrative and allows to be the single work environment
-Reduces complexity of information provided to the user

The Role Tailored User Experience
incadea.myengine was designed and developed in order to further meet the increasing business needs of today’s automotive organizations. Focusing on offering the ultimate simplicity and flexibility, incadea.myengine, Automotive Role centers were realized in the Role Tailored Client (RTC), to help people interact with their business system more efficiently and effectively. The goal was to help users focus on their tasks by tailoring their application experience to the needs of their role. The revolutionary RTC creates a customized “work word” experience. The Role Center is the User Interface (UI) in incadea.myengine and is like a homepage to the system. It displays specific tasks, activities, and information that each role need to perform its job, providing an overview of that they have done and what is next. In short, it enables business users to focus on their tasks and organize their time – the way that works best for your car dealership.

Examples of incadea.myengine role centers:

Service Advisor | Parts Purchase & Inventory Manager | Parts Sales Person
Accounting Manager | IT Manager | Bookkeeper

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