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Integrated Treasury Management System

by Techno Brain India Pvt Ltd

Techno Brain’s Integrated Treasury Management System is a completely web-based and customized solution to Governments worldwide. This Integrated Treasury Management System would enable Governments to have an automated system that would help them focus on their budget expenditure & receipts, improve investment performance, efficient cash & fund management, provide real-time access to financial information, better transparency and finally resulting in efficiency, accuracy & cost savings.

This solution has specialized modules which are developed to meet the specific needs of treasury departments. This treasury management solution emphasizes on the use of the structures reporting of the fund and financial management. The core strength of this solution lies in the analysis and cost transparency, an enhanced feature of this solution.

This Integrated Treasury Management System allows for budget control monitoring, payments, fund raising, advanced procurement, grant, donation and investment management. It provides easy access to Word, Excel and other Microsoft applications and secures long-term investments.

Modules of Integrated Treasury Management System includes:

- Cash Management Module
- Deposits and Loans Module
- Treasury Management and Information System Module
- User Charges Accounting Module
Personnel Management and Payroll Module

Techno Brain’s integrated solution for treasury management also provides organizations with various other benefits:
- Drill down capability : Enables managers’ to see in detail exactly on what they are spending their budgets

- Increase the efficiency : Increases productivity & efficiency of procurement functions and eliminates disparate systems

- Instant access to information : Gets instant access to critical financial data across any time frame, makes more timely decisions with cross period reporting without any budget surprises

- Allocate expenses : Allocates expenses in real-time to increase data accuracy & timely completion of reporting, identifies & avoids budget overruns before data is posted

- Administer modifications and updates : Increases accuracy and accountability throughout the project, administers modifications & updates milestones to awards and contracts as needed

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