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LAMAT - A Comprehensive Performance Management Tool

by Nihilent

Organizations today have varied levels of exposure to the Balanced Scorecard concept. Research suggests that the main issue with the available Balanced Scorecard applications is that they become another reporting mechanism in the organization.
The Balanced Scorecard concept is deceptively simple and requires taking into account the key principles, which underpin the scorecard. LAMAT aims to address these by incorporating elements of a strategic feedback system, focusing on both - quantitative and qualitative measurement data.

LAMAT's Edge

- Provides a holistic and balanced view of business performance
- Helps align key performance measures with organization’s vision and strategy
- Helps set goals and mark progress towards goal attainment for all levels
- Facilitates communication and understanding of business goals and strategy at all levels of an organization
- Creates individual and shared view of performance
- Provides a basis for rewards and recognition
- Provides management with a comprehensive picture of business operations

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