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NTFS Security Manager

by Vyapin

NTFS Permissions management on Windows File Servers is now made easy with Vyapin’s NTFS Security Manager – a powerful NTFS permissions management tool to secure your Shares, Folders and Files on windows servers and workstations across your entire network. NTFS Security Manager helps to manage the security of your Windows File servers by allowing you to grant, revoke and modify NTFS permissions for users and groups across your organization by using the built-in rules for assigning permissions. Protect your unstructured data across file servers by removing unwanted permissions and allowing access to only authorized accounts to your confidential folders and files.

- Grant, revoke and modify NTFS permissions across servers and workstations in multiple domains.

- Assign role-based permissions in bulk for multiple accounts and folders

- Use conditions/rules to control how you grant or revoke permissions.

- Clean up unwanted Account permissions

- Restore administrative permissions

- Restore broken inheritance

- Set permissions in bulk for multiple accounts and folders

- Perform a granular search of various types of permissions on files and folders. For example, search for users and groups that have Full Control permission for a specified set of folders and files.

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