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Parent Child Software (PAC)


Parent Child Software (PAC) is essentially meant for international adopting agencies and
Central Govt.'s Foreign Adoption Monitoring Agency (CARA, Delhi). PAC helps to
maintain database of profiles of parents and children.

PAC allows the child profile and the parent profile to be organized under two different categories, with more sub categories:

The ‘Child Profile’ contains:

                -  Medical and Legal History
                -  Physical and Psychological Growth and Development record

The ‘Parent Profile’ Contains:

                -  Medical and Legal History
                -  Financial Background Record

PAC matches child profile with parents as per different criteria. There are 256 Major criteria in each profile such as report printing of child profiles, parent profiles, parent and child matching report, all formats of legal and medical documentation for adoption procedure.

PAC has following benefits:

- Simplifies the lengthy manual process at central agency
- Reduces all paperwork at central agency
- Reduces the amount of staff needed to manage the system
- Ensures a successful co-ordination and  exchange of information among various adoption agencies with help of centralized database
- Benefits the child as he or she can be placed in appropriate adoptive family within shortest possible time; though adoption agencies can have a large database which include Indian as well as International data

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