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PostGlobal - One stop solution for posts

by Reason Solutions Private Limited

PostGlobal provides a total postal automation solution at the post office counters and for post office back office. Built on .NET technology, PostGlobal provides a robust platform to automate any postal administration.

Reason Solutions developed PostGlobal - a one stop solution for posts which have some key features:

- Highly secure computerized system, which offers state-of-the-art software technology for all their day-to-day operations and management

- Flexible architecture enables easy expansion of the network and addition of applications as per Post’s needs

- Takes care of all postal, banking and remittance operations such as Mail items, Banking, Money Orders, Sale of items, handling of postal items with tracking and payment collection facilities

- Designed for a large network having number of servers and offers security and reliability

- Provides for the facilities and fulfills the needs of all the stakeholders of any e-Governance projects: Customers, Staff and Management

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