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Business Intelligence Solution (0 Reviews)
TechAxes empowers an organization to plan, understand, integrate and leverage strategy, finance, operations and human resources — with a single Web-based application. TechAxes delivers a new level of...
INSTAFILER - XBRL Instance Document Generator - Enabling XBRL Instance Document Generation and e-filing for Regulatory... (0 Reviews)
InstaFiler is your very own Web-based XBRL Reporting application specially designed for Corporate Users, Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries as well as Outsourcing Accounting/Tagging service...
Version: 1.1
KYCsphere (0 Reviews)
KYCsphere Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is first of its kind comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) application deployed on the secure...
Release Date: 01-02-2012
Version: 1.0
Virmati’s e-Governance Solution (0 Reviews)
Virmati’s e-Governance model aims at delivery of government services and information to its various constituencies using powerful electronic means. Virmati’s e-Governance expertise allows citizens to...
Cadency Certification (0 Reviews)
Cadency Certification provides you an automated solution to verify the integrity of all financial statements through automated enterprise account reconciliations, balance sheet certification and variance...
Release Date: 01-09-2013
Version: 2.0
ReadSoft Online (0 Reviews)
ReadSoft Online provides a complete solution easily capturing, approving, and managing supplier invoices through a cloud-based interface with your ERP system (such as Microsoft Dynamics). Along with the...
Release Date: 28-06-2013
Version: 2.0