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ABBYY FineReader Professional (0 Reviews)
ABBYY FineReader 12 OCR software creates editable, searchable files and e-books from scans, PDFs and digital photographs. New levels of speed and accuracy deliver unmatched recognition and conversion,...
Release Date: 11-02-2014
Version: 12
AnyBody Modeling System (0 Reviews)
The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a breakthrough invention for simulating man-machine or other man-environment interaction and how it effects the human body. The AnyBody Modeling System™ renders the user...
Release Date: 19-11-2012
Version: 5.3.0
BioNumerics (0 Reviews)
BioNumerics is the only software platform to offer integrated analysis of all major applications in Bioinformatics: 1D electrophoresis gels, all kinds of chromatographic and spectrometric profiles, 2D...
Release Date: 06-06-2013
Version: 7.1
MedCalc Statistical Software (0 Reviews)
MedCalc is a computer program for statistics in the biomedical sciences. It has an integrated spreadsheet with 16384 columns and up to 100000 rows. MedCalc can import Excel, SPSS, DBase and Lotus files,...
Release Date: 22-11-2013
Version: 12.7.8
ReadSoft XBOUND (0 Reviews)
ReadSoft XBOUND turns your complex inbound document sorting and distribution processes into high-performance, automated flows. Even the great volumes of paper and electronic information received by large...
Release Date: 30-08-2013
Version: 3.7