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aptus360° - Performance Management Suite (0 Reviews)
aptus360° is a cloud-ready Employee Performance Management Suite, that systemically helps an organization know the most appropriate and suitable employee for a competency and a role today as-well-as in...
Release Date: 22-09-2013
Employee Benefits Portal GMC (0 Reviews)
An online web based portal which would allow a Health Insurance Broking firm to carry out the following activities for its corporate customer employees - 1.) Online Enrollment in policy 2.) Endorsements ...
HR Analytics (0 Reviews)
HR Analytics – Analytics which can help you be informed about your human capital. About Solution Applying analytics to almost every business decision and HR is no exception. HR analytics can help you...
Release Date: 12-02-2014
Disaster & Emergency Response (0 Reviews)
iLink's Disaster & Emergency Response Management system allows emergency responders and managers to share and update information instantly during critical events. This solution provides your leaders with...
Genetec AutoVu License Plate Recognition (LPR) (0 Reviews)
The AutoVu license plate recognition (LPR) system automates license plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of...
Release Date: 08-04-2013
Version: 5.2
Genetec Synergis IP Access Control (0 Reviews)
Opt for the access control solution that heightens your organization’s security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents, all while leveraging your existing network and security equipment...
Release Date: 08-04-2013
Version: 5.2
GoalDriver® (0 Reviews)
Optimum Assignment and Allocation of Vehicles and Human Resources to Services in Transport Companies GoalDriver® is a software system based on Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, designed to perform...
Release Date: 01-02-2013
Version: 1
GoalPlane® (0 Reviews)
Optimum Flight, Aeroplane and Crew Planning and Optimum Daily Airline Operation Planning GoalPlane® is a computer system based on Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, that allows the airlines to...
Release Date: 13-02-2013
Version: 1
GoalRail® (0 Reviews)
Optimum planning of Time Grids, Rolling Stock and Staff in Rail Transport GoalRail® is a sophisticated and smart optimization software system based on Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, for human...
Release Date: 01-02-2013
Version: 1