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Commtex Sales Force Automation (0 Reviews)
Commtex Sales Force Automation Our cloud based secure online Sales Force Automation platform for Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods and Distribution enables Field Reporting Staff, Area Managers, Regional...
Release Date: 23-05-2012
Version: 1.0
Travels API (0 Reviews)
Cloud base Travel APIs to implement the following Searches - Car search, Air search, Hotel search, Cruise search, Train search and Bus search. Free templates for Searches include : Car, Air, Hotel,...
Release Date: 29-06-2012
Version: 0.6
MidaOperatorConsole (0 Reviews)
Mida OperatorConsole allows simple and efficient management of incoming and outgoing calls, providing all needed information and function on any desktop PC. Mida OperatorConsole 2.0, is the attendand...
Release Date: 04-07-2012
Version: 2
Resman Maintenance Management (0 Reviews)
Resman* is a Risk based software solution designed to help specialist equipment, estates and facilities staff deliver departmental efficiency through the cost effective management of equipment, plant,...
Release Date: 01-01-2009
Version: 4