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Sharepoint multiple filter values (0 Reviews)
Nitrix.Sharepoint.MultipleFilterValues.wsp is a web-part which provides filter with multiple values on each column on a sharepoint list. Feautures Support lists standart view Support lists with Inline...
Release Date: 21-08-2012
Version: 1.1
SIENN (0 Reviews)
Industry: High-Performance Online Platform Summary: Your entire business online. The time where companies were represented on the Internet in a static manner is a thing of the past. Currently, companies...
Release Date: 28-08-2009
Version: 3.0
Web 4 Distributors (0 Reviews)
Web 4 Distributors are unbeatable, professionally developed and easy to manage websites catering to distributors’ needs. Authorized Distributors of a well-known manufacturer are entitled to use the...