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Channel21 (0 Reviews)
Channel-21 is a subscription based streaming media communication tool (video or audio) dedicated to connecting a close group across the world. Product allows: - Streaming Video and Audio content...
Expedien E-VET Solution (0 Reviews)
It is a comprehensive web based portal for veterinarians to share information and knowledge about Veterinary diagnostic Centers/Hospitals. This shall help the veterinarians, Vet experts, retired...
Release Date: 06-01-2014
Version: 1.0
Expedien Knowledge Management System (0 Reviews)
Expedien Knowledge Management Solution is vital for learners to enhance their competitive advantage. This web application presents the potential for providing the Institutions with rich information for...
Release Date: 21-08-2012
Version: 1.0
Expedien University ERP - Integrated University Management System (IUMS) (0 Reviews)
Integrated University Management System (IUMS) is a business intelligence enabled web based software application for effectively managing complete university functions. IUMS provides real time information...
Release Date: 02-02-2006
Version: 1.0 - Mobile Device Detection (0 Reviews)
Device Data is the missing ingredient that can turn any standard web site into a tailor-made experience for mobile phones. It lets any organisation deliver an online customer experience with easier...
Release Date: 06-12-2011
Version: 3.1
Actual Multiple Monitors (0 Reviews)
Actual Multiple Monitors is the unique toolkit which improves the usability of Windows user interface and make the work with multi-monitor setups much more comfortable and effective. Powerful yet easy-to...
Release Date: 01-08-2011
Version: 3.3 (0 Reviews) is a free Enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS) based entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform. It allows enterprises to increase process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and more...
Release Date: 05-01-2011
Version: 9.2
Churchongo (0 Reviews)
With Churchongo white label application, the churches will keep their mobile apps always active and current. It is simple to use system which provides the church data to their app deployed in app store....
Release Date: 06-08-2014
Version: 1.0
Corporate portal Dotcom Portal 1.1 (0 Reviews)
Team work can't be any easier! Dotcom Portal it's corporate portal developed on the basis of the product Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Technically, this software platform to complement SharePoint,...
Release Date: 12-02-2014
Version: 1.1
Online Label Printing Service for Industry and Compliance Barcode Labels (0 Reviews)
With TFORMer Online you generate and print compliance barcode labels using your browser and a PDF viewer. Special purpose software and time consuming label design efforts are eliminated completely. Just...