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LogicalBMS (0 Reviews)
LogicalBMS is SaaS solutions for your daily accounting, purchase, sale and to manage your finance and inventory in single place. Its ease of use and affordable cost enables it to be a popular solution for...
Release Date: 24-09-2011
Version: 2.0
LogicalERP (0 Reviews)
One complete system including full-featured accounting, CRM, inventory, and eCommerce Scalable cloud platform for faster growth, streamlined operations and greater productivity Real-time visibility and...
Release Date: 24-09-2012
Version: 8.1
Maplytics (0 Reviews)
Maplytics is a Geo-analytical tool for Dynamics CRM which integrates with BingMaps to provide detailed location based analysis and on field sales person routing capabilities. It is an easy to use/install...
Release Date: 20-05-2013
MARS (Multi-dimensional Analytics & Reporting Solution) (0 Reviews)
The speed at which businesses are moving in today’s world makes it imperative to provide easy access to right data at the right time to guarantee right business decisions and competitive moves. ...
Matrix ERP (0 Reviews)
Matrix ERP is a comprehensive ERP solution, which has the following horizontal modules: - Financials - Materials (including Stores and Procurement or Purchase) - Sales and Distribution - Production and...
Microsoft Dynamics Social Listening (0 Reviews)
We help businesses already using or planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM maximize the derived value from CRM by deploying the Social Listening add-on. Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful...
Release Date: 24-05-2014
Version: SP1
MindStick DataConverter (0 Reviews)
MindStick DataConverter is a powerful tool which helps you to: 1. View, Filter, Sort and Export the data from different sources (MS SQL, Oracle, Access, ODBC DSNs etc.) in one place 2. Export the query...
Release Date: 01-06-2012
Peasy Analyse - The Business Intelligence Suite (0 Reviews)
No matter which ERP or Enterprise application you are using, Peasy Analyse a database independent BI Suite, helps you consolidate and analyse dependable, up-to-date information in a personalised view,...
Pro-active Risk Management: Composite Matrix Project Management Framework (0 Reviews)
This solution caters to the organizations with composite matrix project management framework. It allows you to create pro-active project intelligence around early risk identification/mitigation on custom...
PROMT (0 Reviews)
Accretive Health Pvt. Ltd. has developed PROMT tool, which helps customer to monitor and analyze the user performance. We have developed this tool with VB .Net and Microsoft SQL database. Our innovative...