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Online Air Ticket Reservation System (0 Reviews)
Webx has designed and developed an Online air ticket reservation system for the airline and travel industries using the latest, state-of-the-art technologies. The Online Air Ticket Booking System is a...
Travels API (0 Reviews)
Cloud base Travel APIs to implement the following Searches - Car search, Air search, Hotel search, Cruise search, Train search and Bus search. Free templates for Searches include : Car, Air, Hotel,...
Release Date: 29-06-2012
Version: 0.6
XChange ERP - V11.5 (0 Reviews)
Quadlabs delivers the XChange ERP V11.5 over the cloud platform, the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for travel intermediaries. It is an all-in-one suite to automate the travel business...
Release Date: 01-07-2010
Version: V11.0
Magelia WebStore (0 Reviews)
Magelia WebStore is a full featured ecommerce software designed to deliver multi-channel (mobile, desktop and tablets), multi-lingual and multi-currencies websites. Try Magelia WebStore community ...
Release Date: 16-07-2012
Version: 2.0
Repository Manager (0 Reviews)
Repository Manager provides an advanced software development asset (SDA) repository, lifecycle management, and metadata federation solution. It governs leading development platforms, ensuring consistent...
Release Date: 01-08-2010
Version: 6.0
SOA Software Service Manager for BizTalk Server (0 Reviews)
BizTalk Server presents an unusual SOA governance challenge to system administrators. The very openness and utility of the BizTalk enterprise service bus (ESB) makes it a multi-platform solution. A...
Release Date: 12-09-2011
Version: 6.0