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ShawMan POS - Gold

by ShawMan Software
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Point of Sale, Retail Systems
  • Works With

    SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition, Windows 7 Professional
  • Industry Focus


ShawMan’s Point of Sale (POS) Gold system is designed to be Easy, Secure and Flexible.

It’s easy

- A complete touch-enabled UI makes POS Gold easy and intuitive to use.
- Special indicators highlight Menu Item category, Repeat orders, Menu Items already ordered.
- Pictorial view of the Restaurant helps in Table status, Guests can be told how long to wait to get a table.

It’s secure

- Every single User activity is tracked.
- Every single activity can be done only if a User is allowed access.

It’s flexible

- User selected Desktop theme, adjusting the sizes of the Desktop icons help in high level of personalization.
- High flexibility while discounting: can be done for a Menu Item or a Certain Category at the amount / percentage level.
- Pre-defined Post-It modifiers make order taking more accurate and as per "Customer" needs.
- Ability to call multiple options at the same time. Each option is opened in a tabbed window.

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Excellent software for Restaurant operation

Reviewed by:NiteshSharma Reviewed on:27-05-2011

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