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Stabilix Corporation

Stabilix Health companion

by Stabilix Corporation

Stabilix Health Companion™ brings clarity to the confusing, chaotic and cluttered world of personal health care management. It is a software program intended for consumers to manage their healthcare and related expenditures with special assistance in administering
healthcare savings and spending accounts. Stabilix Health Companion™ empowers you not just to collect data, but to act, plan, analyze, visualize, and explore. You are in control of your healthcare and you don’t have to lose this control when you change employers,
insurance companies, or providers. Health Companion™ helps with medical expenses in the following ways:

- Track your health care expenses as they happen.

- Anticipate your expenses from past data analysis.

- Manage savings accounts such as HRA, HSA, FSA etc.

- Optimize your health care payments.

- Consolidate all your health & expense records.

- Manage multiple coverage and payments.

- Obtain extensive reporting and inquiry capabilities on all facets of your family's healthcare.

- Track personal health initiative progress such as weight loss, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels.

- Utilize automated reminder capabilities for doctor appointments, prescription refills, and insurance premium payments.

- Consolidate all healthcare contact information for easy access including insurance companies, doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.

- Monitor and control all costs associated with a specific illness or Episode of Care.

- Track and report on deductible medical services for annual tax preparation.

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