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Visual MIB Browser Pro

by NuDesign Technologies Inc.

NuDesign’s Visual MIB Browser is essential for anyone who is managing or developing SNMP Agents. It comes integrated with powerful MIB Compiler, Viewer and Editor applications. Its MIB management capabilities include auto resolution of MIB IMPORT dependencies.

The Browser present the MIB tree based GUI interface, auto-discovers SNMP Agents, sets alarm thresholds, sends and receives Traps and Informs, does real-time data charting, performs Get, Set, Log or Walk operations on auto-discovered or pre-configured SNMP agents.

The Visual MIB Browser Pro provides full SNMPv3 support, user definable alarm priority settings, MIB groups, database interfacing, scripting capabilities, support for rfc3413, SNMP Proxy Forwarder functionality and ability to run as a Service.

The user can enable SNMP Traffic Analyzer functionality, monitoring, capturing and storing SNMP packet exchanges between the Browser and the Agent, an invaluable tool when pin-pointing difficult problems.

The SNMP CLI interface provides the user with complete control over the content of SNMP PDUs, for example issuing a Get Request to any object with user provided OID.

The SNMP developers and testers find SNMP traffic monitoring, CLI interface and scripting of particular interest. The automated testing of MIB’s implementation, and scripting examples provide a framework for creation of user specific testing suites.

With scripting the user or OEM can extend the SNMP MIB Browser's user interface and functionality; additionally its hierarchical device view can be augmented with specific SNMP management plug-ins, utilizing the Browser’s Applet API.

The free evals of MIB Browser products are available for download from NuDesign’s at

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