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Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

Windows Mobile Native Application Development

by Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

Windows Mobile native mode application development has its own technological and integration challenges. Most native mode applications today require integration with other device native applications such as address book, calendar, audio, video, and phone application.
In addition, communication with a server, mapping and location awareness is high on the list of most applications. Our experience with Windows Mobile has grown from the very first day we started working with Pocket PC and Smartphone devices several years ago.
As a result, there is no learning curve at Softtrends that customers need to worry about. If it possible to implement a feature in an application running on Windows Mobile, we can do it for you in your application. Some of the technologies we have experience
in are: - Phone call, Voice recording- Audio / Video Codec development - SMS, Email integration - Address book, Calendar, Camera integration - Location based search and mapping - Graphical user interface development- Managing GPRS Connections - Registry handling
- HTTP/SMTP/TCP/POP/Web Services communication - Push message handling - Bluetooth communication with PCs and Embedded devices - GPS Enabling applications - IMS Specification implementation - Over-the-Air device management - Mobile Advertisement service -
SIP Input panel plug-ins - Today plug-ins

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