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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Force Automation

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps in Streamline and automate your sales processes and enable sales people to create a single view of the customer to help ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
business software gives sales professionals fast access to useful data online or offline so they can work efficiently and spend more time selling.

Gain a complete view of the customer: View and manage account activity and history, including contact information, attributes, meeting notes, attachments, communications, open proposals, and purchased products.

Find information quickly: Use Advanced Find and global search to instantly zero in on key nuggets of information.

Make the right offers: Effortlessly track all interactions, offers, orders, contracts, and relationships associated with your account so that you can offer the right product or service at the right time.

Uncover hidden opportunities: Intuitively track relationships between customers, partners, influencers, and suppliers so you can uncover new opportunities. Understand and leverage complex business scenarios with enhanced support for many-to-many relationships.

Improve lead handling and routing: Easily promote qualified leads to new opportunities with a single click. Automatically deliver the right lead to the right person according to product, territory, dollar amount, or any other criteria.

Manage quotes and orders: Easily create quotes, convert them to orders, then track and manage them throughout their life cycle from proposals to invoices.

Manage territories: Create territories for salespeople, enabling them to manage and evaluate territory-based sales processes and results.

Manage sales and marketing lists: Import purchased lists to fuel your sales efforts. Measure effectiveness and maintain lists for annual sales campaigns.

Manage contracts: Easily add, edit, and track contracts associated with individuals
or companies, including maintenance contracts and renewal notifications.

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