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Acuvate Software Pvt. Ltd.

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Database Services

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  • Service Type:

  • Business Need:

    Database Design
  • Works With:

    SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All

About Solution:

Acuvates Database services includes Database Assessment, Administration and Support services which helps you mitigate the following key risks.​
•​Risk of your key applications going down
• Risk of losing data due to hardware crash
• Risk of unwanted data lying around
• Risk of Poor Performance due to improper settings
• ​Risk of Unauthorised users accessing the DB


​ Acuvate’ s Database services consist of following activities:​​

​​Database Consultin​g Engagem​ent
•Database Assessments​

•Upgrades and Migration
•Database Development Projects
•Business Intelligence
•SQL Optimization

​Database Upgrade​​

•SQL Server All Version to SQL 2012/14
•SQL Server All Version to SQL 2012/14

•SQL Server All Ve​rsion to SQL​​ 2012/14​

High Availability and Disaster Recovery​
•Configuring Always on SQL Server
•Setting Up Disaster Recovery with Log Shipping,
•SQL Mirroring
•Setting up Multi Master Replication- One to One , Bidirectional

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