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MartJack is one solution for all the ways you want to reach your consumers and sell your products in any of following ways:

- Internet
- Mobile
- Store
- Direct
- Corporate
- B2B

MartJack offers an integrated multi-channel retailing approach that creates competitive advantage. It allows you to expand merchandizing and marketing capabilities through efficient content management, targeted up-sells and cross-sells, pricing and product information across channels. MartJack solution is available on-demand and customers can start small and scale based on their needs or wants. Many large and mid-sized enterprises in addition to thousands of online retailers and single store retailers have deployed MartJack across verticals and geographies.

It helps you to avoid complexity in technology and integration of all these channels and drive revenue and lower costs. It helps you to create Web and Mobile storefronts, offers dynamic catalog and pricing information. It enables consumers to find and order your products and services across all available touch-points.

Benefits of using MartJack:

- SaaS (On-Demand) Delivery
- Predictable monthly costs
- Differentiate your brand
- Manage technology with ease
- Multiple ways to acquire new customers
- Reduced Time-to-Market
- Mobile and Web as your virtual sales person
- Plenty of buying options
- Search engine friendly web stores
- The support to grow with confidence

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