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Tata Consultany Services Limited

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TATA Hospital Management Software (TATA HMS)

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft .NET Framework Win Forms, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft COM+, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Family, Microsoft Visual Basic... (more)
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TATA HMS is our core hospital management software. Tata HMS addresses all the major functions of hospitals. However, when the government of the Indian state of
Gujarat needed to modernize the computing infrastructure for its hospitals, TCS decided to create a new version of its software based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. With this solution, the state-run hospitals are able to streamline their workflow and improve
patient care.


It to help you achieve:


Patient Care and Satisfaction

Patient Health Management through EMR

Effective Decision Making

Capacity Utilization

Resource Optimization

Physician and Staff Productivity

Integration with External Systems

Statutory Compliance


The solution is compliant with world healthcare standards, goes beyond hospital automation and also helps the hospitals


Enhance information flow,

Reduce paperwork,

Streamline operations, and

Control costs.

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