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Dell, Inc.

Unified Communications Solutions - Enterprise Voice

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Dell simplifies communications through unifying all of the disparate Unified communication platforms with tested and validated UC-enabled hardware, storage, applications and operating systems to help reduce implementation costs and risks for customers. Dell is an end-to-end UC solutions provider. And standardized UC-enabled hardware, storage, applications and operating systems to help reduce implementation costs and risks.

We are differentiated with the competition, due to the fact that:

- Dell is a Global Top 5 UC Systems Integrator
- Dell has tested and validated the interoperability of our client products and integrated peripherals running as UC endpoints to OCS on our server/storage infrastructure.
- Dell operates as a single point of contact for HW, SW, Services, & Support
- Dell is linked into all go-to interoperability vendors – Dialogic, Audiocodes
- Dell has performed over 5 million Active Directory & Exchange seats migrated globally
- Dell is a 'greenfield’ Global Systems Integrator (GSI) because we take a software centric approach just like Microsoft.
- Dell is not tied to a telephony provider
- Dell has fully integrated the Microsoft BPIO process into every Unified Communications assessment
- Dell has achieved designation of top 5 global system integrator for Microsoft Unified Communications and has also reached 12 Lighthouse wins worldwide before April 2009.

Our simplified approach is centered around the fact that:

We’ve found that a number of customers prefer to take one step at a time with Unified Communications, utilizing technologies most important to them, as they go through a phased approach to implementation to meet their needs. Our solutions are completely modular, So you only buy what you need and add features and services as your business evolves and your budget allows. This approach keeps cost and complexity under control. Because we help customers create their own UC deployment roadmap, understand all implementation considerations, while leveraging the most of their existing infrastructure.

- Deploy incrementally to save money and reduce disruption
- Look at the components of unified communications to determine which of them will bring the most value to the organization

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