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I.T. Solutions India Private Limited

MS Exchange 2007 in Clustered Environment

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I.T Solutions offers clients with two solutions which are provided in MS Exchange 2007:

- Single copy cluster (SCC)
- Continues cluster replication (CCR)

SCC (Single copy cluster) is centrally storage based messaging solution where same database is used by two exchange clustered server. This solution requires a SAN (Storage Area Network) which is external storage device and is connected through gigabit network or fiber network. In this case if the active server goes down, the database gets connected to other server and users get access through second server. This activity is very fast and without any downtime. One more server called as Frontend server for client connectivity and mail transport is also proposed which acts as HUB Transport and Client Access Server.

CCR (Continues cluster replication) is a distributed copy of database. All the clustered servers hold their own copy of exchange database. Database gets replicated between servers. The activity of CCR is similar to SCC if active server goes down due to any reason; the other server takes over all the tasks and serves the users without any downtime. Once again in this solution, HUB transport and Client Access Server will be third server to provide access to clients and email transportation.

For both the above solutions, I.T Solutions proposed two different Internet Services providers (ISP’s) internet connection with Public IP so that 2 MX (Mail Exchanger) records could be created for redundancy at ISP level. Suppose one ISP’s internet connection goes down, the emails will still flow smoothly through another ISP.

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