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Collaborative Project Management (CPMT)

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Collaborative Project Management (CPMT) is a PAXCEL’s initiative towards online project management that connects everything involved in a project through a secured channel.

Along with important entities such as inputs and outputs of project, process by which it would get carried out becomes important, too. The revolution of internet brought in its rouse low-cost development teams that were seated in different locations, on different continents, and different time-zones. CPMT is best solution to manage all these things.

CPMT is designed to support multiple users modifying different sections of the plan at once; for example, updating the areas, where user is personally responsible for those estimates get integrated into the overall plan.

It helps for: 

-  Application Development

-  Application Migration

-  Application Maintenance

-  On-Site Consulting

-  Desktop Management

-  Internet Utilities Management

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