51Degrees.mobi - Mobile Device Detection

by 51Degrees

Device Data is the missing ingredient that can turn any standard web site into a tailor-made experience for mobile phones. It lets any organisation deliver an online customer experience with easier browsing, simpler transactions and faster page loading.

How does it work?

Every mobile phone is different. You'll find different screen sizes, different keyboards, different web browsers, different operating systems...

We maintain a unique device database that's been built from real handsets, manufacturer's specifications, our usage information and web site responses. Having a list of this information – we call it 51Degrees.mobi Device Data – enables a web site to identify a user's web browser and physical device type. For example, web developers can:

■ Redirect a customer to a mobile website or improve the customer experience by utilising other properties, such as screen size and input method;
■ Validate a user's device type and software version before offering downloadable content or attempting to interact;
■ Tailor the experience by using other functionality on the device, such as the type of keyboard or camera.

Choose your data

The 51Degrees.mobi Premium data file contains thousands of devices, including games consoles, eBook readers, tablets, smart phones and feature phones. Each device is associated with a wide range of relevant properties, from screen size and input methods to operating system, browser and hardware.

The 51Degrees.mobi Lite data file is designed to help developers and designers perform basic user interface optimisation and separate mobile and non-mobile web traffic.

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