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Lanham Associates

ACE Warehousing

by Lanham Associates

ACE Warehousing extends the power of an advanced, automated warehouse to handheld devices creating a comprehensive, wireless warehouse solution. The solution works the way you do. Transactions can be initiated on the handheld device or initiated inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV and completed on the handheld.

With real-time data validation and processing, ACE Warehousing streamlines processes, improves order accuracy, and makes warehouse workers more productive.

Key Benefits and Features:

- Wireless Receiving for all inbound documents
- Supports warehouse Pick, Put-away, Movement and Physical Inventory documents
- Support for Production Output and Consumption
- Supports conducting physical inventory without freezing bins
- Supports Break-bulk functionality at the bin level
- Supports Serial and Lot Number Tracking
- Delivers true efficiency via License Plating functionality

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