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Atea Accelerator - A Self-Service Solution

by Atea Services & Software

IT organizations of today are expected to support workforces around the world and around the clock, ensuring constant end user productivity all the while working on larger IT initiatives to support enterprise growth.

IT help desks are swamped with end user requests; manual delivery of needed services can take several days resulting in frustrated and non-productive users. IT organizations overwhelmed with these daily administrative tasks are forced to maintain current systems rather than focusing on innovation and growth.

With Atea’s self-service application, Accelerator, built to integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Service Manager, end users help themselves to advanced IT services and the related IT tasks are automatically set in motion.

End users easily request IT services such as new hardware, software, accounts, and password resets through a web portal from anywhere at any time. Requests are quickly moved through an automatic workflow and approval process and delivered to the end user with improved speed and accuracy.

With a self-service process and Atea Accelerator, you:

• Reduce the number of helpdesk calls by as much as 40%
• Increase visibility (IT and business managers) into all resource requests
• Increase time and resources for larger IT projects
• Empower happier, more productive end users

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