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LS Retail ehf.
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Point of Sale, Retail Systems
  • Works With

    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
  • Industry Focus


LS One is an integrated advanced store and point of sale (POS) solution. With an intuitive and visually attractive POS and an easy to set up back-end solution, LS One provides an adaptable, well-rounded system that can meet the needs of even the smallest retailers.

LS One is especially aimed at the following verticals: Food & Grocery, Apparel & Fashion, and Hospitality

- Is your business growing? LS One can expand to support multi-store, multi-POS environments.
- LS One is affordable, easy to use, and quick to implement. It can be set up within 30 minutes with a configuration tool for a database.
- State-of-the-art POS system
- Have a clear overview of your whole operation through the Data Director.
- Handle reports easily, inventory overview, item organization and more with the Site Manager.

LS One POS is .NET based and handles all necessary POS operations in a retail environment and is highly customizable. It handles discounts and discount combinations. In addition, all integrations can be prepared for this type of POS - such as connection to mobile phone operators and selling pre-paid accounts for instance.

LS One Site Manager
The LS One Site Manager is a light weight back office system, for single stores and multiple store locations. It allows for the setup of a store and support of daily operations. The system is designed with flexibility and customizability in mind, making localizations and other client customizations a breeze. The single Site Manager takes care of basic back office functionalities for a single store with one or more LS One POS.

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