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BIZ4Elements - Efficient Solution for Production Planning and Management

by NAVISYS s.r.o.

BIZ4Elements is a unique information system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The specific feature of BIZ4Elements is tailor-made manufacturing based on variable customer requirements. BIZ4Elements covers all key processes from the calls for tender, manufacturing execution, logistics, to final invoicing. Production planning, managerial summaries and an internet customer portal are standard features. Automation of many activities leaves minimum space for user errors and so it becomes a truly efficient tool for managing manufacturing companies.

The system has been designed for medium and large companies. It has been used by companies dealing with various types of tailor-made manufacturing. Thanks to the platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV it gives them guarantees of quality, stability and investment protection.


- Detailed information about the customer and his activities
- Sophisticated price determination system
- Shorter job order processing times
- Easy configuration of variable products
- Cutting plan optimization
- Summaries of production capacities and margins
- Warehouse movements under control, including barcode support
- Transportation planning and ordering, package distribution
- Integrated reporting and controlling

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