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BIZ4Logistics - Unique Solution for Transportation Logistics

by NAVISYS s.r.o.

BIZ4Logistics is a unique software solution for companies providing services in the area of transportation and logistics. It has been used by freight forwarders and carriers with large vehicle fleets. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, covering thus all key processes of logistics companies.

On one hand, the users take advantage of the robust financial management foundation designed by Microsoft thanks to which invoicing, salary calculations and human resources management are speedily processed. On the other hand, thanks to the field-specific solution by NAVISYS, the users calculate prices of individual transports, graphically plan the transports, monitor activity of their vehicles, optimize vehicle transits or use the dispatcher’s desk to check statuses of their vehicles. Other key functionalities of BIZ4Logistics include integration of map sources directly in the information system, use of Gantt charts for the purposes of graphical planning or optimization of deliveries and routes using advanced algorithms. There is also support of barcode and RFID technologies.

Thanks to this concept, the entire solution can provide the management with important financial information, making it possible to use advanced analytical and controlling tools. The solution features also sophisticated marketing instruments to manage customer relations or tools supporting quality control in accordance with ISO standards. The comprehensive solution addresses document management issues and supports advanced communication with key customers using the EDI.

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