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Continia Software

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Continia Software is specialized in Bank Integration modules for the Danish Bank sector.

Our key product is Continia Payment Management for Dynamics NAV, which helps to generate payments based on invoices without manual work. With this solution, payments for vendors are generated as they want them, every time an invoice is received.

We also have a Collection module called Continia Collection Management (CCM). CCM has been implemented for Dynamics NAV, AX and C5. The limitation to these platforms is that it is only possible to connect with Danske Bank except for the NAV version which also connects directly with NETS.

Besides these 2 bank integration products we also have a product for handling electronic invoices. NETS e|faktura enables you to send and receive invoices in the 3 formats defined by NETS and the Danish government (e|faktura XML, OIOXML and OIOUBL). This product is implemented on Dynamics NAV, AX and C5.

Finally we have a product called Continia Document Capture (CDC). This product connect your Dynamics NAV to a scanner or email address. With CDC it is possible to read an invoice directly into NAV completely automatically. The product generates templates for each vendor so no manual interaction is needed once the invoice data has been pinpointed on the first capture.

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