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Realsoft Advanced Applications

REALSOFT works with various Data warehousing and Business intelligence technologies that make most sense for the customer depending on their infrastructure systems and in-house skills for supporting the solution.

REALSOFT has provided several solutions for governmental agencies and businesses utilizing modern approaches and software tools to overcome these problems, these solutions include:

- Data extraction, integration, transformation and loading.
- Design and build enterprise data warehouses and data marts.
- Develop and implement BI models for different business needs.
- Develop and implement data visualization solutions

REALSOFT has developed an extensive experience in the implementation of enterprise data warehousing, Data Mining, Data integration , Data Synchronization, Data Services, Cross-Enterprise Data Exchange, Data Governess, Data Profiling and Data Quality using several industry standards tools some of them related to Microsoft like:

- Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)®
- Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) ®
-Microsoft SharePoint®

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