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Concreta - Ready Mix Industry Specific Vertical

by Sermon Business Solutions (Amman)

Business Software's should be designed for only one purpose; to solve business problems.

In order to be able to mirror the Ready Mix Industry needs, Sermon Business Solutions have developed an industry specific vertical to meet the business process requirements.

To form a fully covering industry-specific system, the following functions/ sub-modules were developed:

- Reservation & Transmission Ready Mix Planner. This part is integrated with the sales, production and fleet management modules.

- Transport planner. This part is integrated with the Transmission Planner. It gives a full overview on the utilization of all Ready Mix Vehicles and their availability. It also indicates the utilization of all Drivers which allows the integration with the Payroll module to monitor the Drivers overtime.

- Maintenance Module. This part covers all maintenance done on all Ready-Mix vehicles. It monitors the changes done in terms of tires, oil, regular defect maintenance. It integrates with the Gas Station part.

- Gas Station. Monitors the in & out transactions related to gas utilized by the vehicles. It also monitors the mileage in order to alert the maintenance department for due check-ups.

- On-line integration with Mixers. This feature allows the system to auto produce invoices, once the required ready-mix is produced in the mixer.
All above parts do have an online integration with the Financial Module

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