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Project Server Connector for System Center Service Manager 2012

by Expit
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    Cloud Computing - General
  • Works With

    Microsoft Project Server 2010, System Center 2012 Service Manager
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    General - Applicable to All

Project Server Connector for service manager 2012 is an Add-In for Microsoft Project Server 2010 that enables project owners/managers to integrate their projects and project plans directly into Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012.

The Connector allows project managers to:
- Convert Project tasks into (Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, And Service Requests)
- Select resources and assets from service manager and associate them with specific project tasks
- Convert Service Desk Workflows into Project task sequences and import them into their plans

The Connector allows IT operations teams to:
- Convert incidents, problems, change requests, release requests, and service requests into projects
- Auto update project managers about the status of their tasks and requests
- Provide project manager with a more accurate way of defining what they want by providing them with service management templates

The Connector is built with co-existence capabilities with the Microsoft Project-TFS connector, having the two connectors working simultaneously allows users to model advanced ALM/DevOps scenarios using the combination of the two connectors.

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