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PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)

Identity & Access Control Panel

by PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)

Most large enterprises especially in the financial sector and higher education have many different Business Applications with different Directories as a repository for User Identity and Access control within each application. Having such an environment can lead to confusion, non-compliance, inconsistency, outdated security information and security breaches

PTG have developed on top of FIM 2010 R2 a solution to provide a central management interface to create and manage user identities throughout their lifecycle on different backend applications; provide a central management interface to manage access rights of identities on different backend applications; synchronize identity information among different applications; centralize the tasks of identity management and thus centralizing the audits on action performed on user accounts and access rights; automate processes and workflows involved in identity and access control management tasks; provide an intuitive password reset mechanism.

The solution uses the following technologies:
FIM 2010 R2, SharePoint Server 2010, SQL 2008 R2, SQL Reporting Services, Silverlight

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