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Integrated Digital Systems (IDS)

IDS’s expertise in developing ERP solutions stems back to its founding, and we are very proud to see our Libra Financials suite being implemented in over 500 companies in Lebanon, across the Gulf and even in North Africa 20 years after the first version. Furthermore, since 2005, teaching the Libra Financials Suite is part of the curriculum of the Lebanese University Accounting Courses and other continuing education learning centers. The system is also fully compliant to all Official Lebanese Accounting standards and is duly accredited by the Ministry of Finance.

Libra Financials Suite

Libra Financials is an integrated package with all standard accounting modules.
The system has a robust yet flexible accounting structure that can be implemented for different kinds of businesses. IDS has developed a bridge between Libra Accounting and other applications like inventory control, Payroll, the Point of Sale (POS) systems and e-commerce portals for the purpose of getting a fully automated system and fulfilling the needs of today’s sophisticated business requirements.

The Libra Financials Suite Includes:
• Libra Financials Accounting
• Libra Financials Inventory Control
• Libra Financials Point of Sales
• Libra Financials Financial Reporting
• Libra Financials Billing & Rebilling – Aviation
• Libra Financials Human Resources

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