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Integrated Digital Systems (IDS)

The IDS Loan Management System is a full-fledged solution that contains all the
modules needed to run and manage a typical “Loan Operation” throughout all
of a Loan’s phases based on the rules and regulations set by the Central Bank
of Lebanon. The system helps with the effective management of all loan related
procedures and calculations whilst ensuring all workflows and command lines are
properly followed and that none of the required documents are missed during the
Loan acceptance process. Additionally, during the Loan period, the system tracks
all outstanding payments and is used by the organization’s tellers to settle payments
and issue invoices.
The Loan Management System is also interfaced with the IDS Libra Financials
ERP Solution through a Posting Engine that ensures proper automatic transaction
generation from the Loan System inside the Accounting module based on preplanned
templates. More than ten different types of transactions and actions are
handled by the posting engine including loans, insurance, reversals, penalties and

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