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Logistics and Forwarding Vertical Solution (LFVS)

by Netways

The vertical built by Netways on top of Dynamics AX for the logistics and Freight forwarding sector is a solution composed of two main modules:
1- Logistics & Forwarding: For Freight Management and Freight Services

2- Warehouse Management Module: for Warehouse Storage & Capacity Management, plus Barcode and RFID Integration.

It was constructued on a four-tier technical structure comprising the following layers:
1- Business Intelligence Layer- for analysis and reporting, dashboards, KPIs, scorecards...

2- Web-based logistics operations' interface customized by Netways using AX Enterprise Portal. Accessed by Employees, Agents, and Customers.

3- Custom modules developed by Netways to fit the operational business needs: Freight & Forwarding Module, and Warehouse Management Module.

4- Core OOB modules, already provided by Dynamics AX, and configured by Netways to fit to fit the financial business needs of the logistics sector

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