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Charisma Cost Control

by TotalSoft

Charisma Cost Control is a product especially designed to help companies control the management flow of operational costs and contracts with the suppliers.

The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. Charisma Cost Control has adapted over time to meet the specific needs of companies in various business fields, regardless their size or complexity.

Charisma Cost Control has a modular architecture, each module covering a specific area. Thus, eExpense Request Approval module is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of expenses, eProcurement module covers the purchasing, contracting and renegotiating processes with different partners, and Supplier Contract Management module tracks all the lifecycle of a purchasing contract, from its preparation and signing to its execution.

Each module can be installed as a standalone or an integrated application.
Charisma Cost Control suite can be integrated with third party applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM etc. solutions.

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