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Codit Collaborative Integration Point

by Codit

Codit wrapped years of field-experience into a collaborative solution to avoid common pitfalls in integration projects. The Codit Collaborative Integration Point proposes a model driven approach to gather semantic information in a more natural alignment with your organization’s operational model.

The Codit Collaborative Integration Point (CIP) implements a closed loop workflow process between various key players (business analysts, developers, line-of-business application experts, business partners) to guarantee consistency between the enterprise business processes and the deployed SOA runtime. This collaborative aspect around business semantics offers a higher degree of local autonomy and improves the agility of your organization.

Codit Collaborative Integration Point offers built-in tools to efficiently manage the project lifecycle with collaborative interaction. It focuses on the gathering of specifications and the modeling of your business processes.

Codit Collaborative Integration Point™ and its associated workflow guarantees:
- Easy communication in between partners involved in the integration project
- Easy project follow up with a real time overview about the implementation process
- Consistency in development by providing uniform naming conventions and flow architecture
- Robust and efficient application by using Microsoft certified components like BizTalk & SharePoint
- Easy support by applying standards and proven procedure for backup, disaster recovery.
- Reduced implementation costs by changing recurrent development in component configuration.
- Easy operations by providing web based message track and trace tool.

The result is an easy-to-use SOA Dashboard that contains all business KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that can be monitored by decision makers. The dashboard is a secure, web based platform that allows key business users to manage all operational matters in an easy and user friendly interface.

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