JungleMail – Group E-mail Software for SharePoint 2010

by EnovaPoint

JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send personalized bulk e-mails to a large number of recipients.

In just a few clicks you can send personalized e-mails to everyone from your SharePoint contacts’ lists, saving valuable time and giving a personal touch to your customers or partners. It is easy to use software for SharePoint 2010 – simply you can’t do anything wrong.

JungleMail use cases:

- Navigate to your contacts’ list in SharePoint, filter contacts by view or check just few of them and send attractive looking personalized e-mails at once.
- Sending bulk e-mails to customers or partners.
- Marketing campaigns. JungleMail is ideal tool for marketers and sales people for marketing campaigns from SharePoint. You can use business e-mail database to filter your target audience, create an E-mail Template and send it to a chosen group of recipients.
- Public relations campaigns and newsletter. JungleMail can be used for sending time scheduled personalized newsletters or public relations campaigns to a large group of recipients.
- Alerting team members about overdue/outstanding/delayed tasks. Filter overdue tasks in the task list and use JungleMail to send e-mail notifications to recipients withdrawn from Assigned To column.

Key Features:

- Personalized group e-mails
- E-mail templates, campaigns’ history, effective reuse
- Full rich text abilities for creating new templates
- Test campaign functionality
- Bulk e-mails on time schedule
- E-mails from SharePoint list or view
- E-mails to selected recipients only
- Personalized e-mails to lookup list items
- Textbox for additional recipients
- Job completion report

We offer:

- Free fully functional 30-days trial
- Product support and continues development

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