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Agito B2B and CRM Environment

by Agito d.o.o.

CRM system needs to be connected to company's business model, business strategy and all involved processes. The support for whole range of these business processes needs to be ensured in different, but synchronized portals.

CRM + B2B (Customer Relationship Management + Business to Business) consists of:
- Product Information Portal (BIP) for managing all marketing and sales information regarding products, solutions, services...,
- Business Portal (BP) for sales department support, which can be accessed by buyers, agents, representatives, dealers, importers or other partners,
- Marketing Portal (MP) for communication with external marketing agencies,
- Internet Portal (IP) with public information,
- and integration with CRM.

All modules are connected to Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP system.

B2B and CRM environment consists of following building blocks:
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a collection of all information regarding the entities and processes,
- Microsoft SharePoint as a platform for marketing, sales, B2B and www (web) portal,
- Microsoft BizTalk as a platform for integration between all entities and an ERP system.

It can be implemented in local network, hosting or cloud.

CRM system really becomes a central source for all information regarding the marketing and sales activities and therefore provides data for business decision making.

With CRM system implementation, company can make a significant step towards information hygiene, transparency, accessibility... but it is also important to change business processes and CRM integrations with business processes that have any kind of influence on marketing and sales. That is why Agito is here!

You are kindly invited to read Akrapovič B2B and CRM implementation Case Study on Microsoft Case Studies site:

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