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[argoweb] Real Estate Business Solutions


A premium solution for nationally and internationally oriented real estate consultants, project developers and investment companies. Customised, task-oriented and focussed on raising efficiency in the marketing, optimisation and acquisition of real estate assets.

• You are searching for real estate software that allows you to utilise an established, tried-and-tested standard for the letting, sale, purchase, or development and optimisation of commercial real estate?

• You want to anchor your business processes and ideas individually in the software and want to be able to react flexibly to changing market needs in the future?
• You want software that not only keeps up with your business success, but also boosts it?

• You want to benefit from the innovative strength of DELTA ACCESS and a European-wide customer network?

Welcome to the world of [argoweb] solutions!

With the [argo®web] solution platform, DELTA ACCESS offers innovative and forward-thinking software products, which are perfectly tailored to your business processes and can be continuously optimised further. As a modular system, every [argo®web] version can be supplemented with geographic and mobile applications.

The basic products already offer all necessary functionality to support the central business areas of the commercial real estate industry in a productive and profitable way. All [argoweb] solutions are compatible with multiple currencies and languages.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the [argoweb] solution platform was awarded the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Program Award for the EMEA region in 2006 as the best client solution based on .NET technology.

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